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Hello humankindness

We Support

  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Programs serving the poor and disenfranchised
  • Educational programs
  • Community based nonprofits

We Do Not Fund or Sponsor

  • Requests from individuals or for-profits
  • Sport or racing teams
  • Programs that are inconsistent with our core values
  • Out of area organizations or most entertainment events
  • Political action committees or political campaigns

Sponsorship Application Procedure

  • All applications for sponsorships must be submitted via our online application submission process.
  • Requests must be made at least six weeks prior to the date funding is needed.
  • The Review Committee, which meets monthly, will carefully consider each application.
  • Every applicant will receive email notification of the outcome of the request.
  • Successful applications will receive a check via US Mail 4 - 6 weeks after approval.

Sponsorship Application Process

  • Step 1Complete and submit your online application for review.
  • Step 2You will receive an email confirming the submission of your application.
  • Step 3Applications are reviewed monthly. Please allow 30 business days for processing.
  • Step 4All applications will be notified of the Review Committee’s decision via email.
  • Step 5Successful applicants will receive a funding check via US Mail 4 - 6 weeks after approval.